Define Your Own Path

Look beyond and let us help you with searching for the right opportunities.

Find Opportunities

With various job opportunities out there today, there is no better time to explore the possibilities, try new things, and get into something that tickles your work bone.

Whether you are taking the first step or taking a step back, Stellare Consulting got you covered. Test the job waters with temporary and part-time positions or jump right in and learn the ropes with junior and entry level positions. Let us help you develop your potential to the fullest.

Seek Assistance

We offer you the best service

We provide career advice, resume and interview skills coaching to ensure you have the best chances of securing your dream job.

We keep a lookout for you

We help passive job-seekers to look out for opportunities so that you don’t miss out.

We work across varied industries

We work with clients from the hospitality, healthcare, food & beverage, property, logistics, information technology and construction industries.

Reinvent Yourself

Changing careers can deal a little blow to the self esteem if you’ve been in the job market for a while. You could be someone who has a lot of experience and value to offer to an employer. But, when it comes to a new industry, you might feel like you’re fresh out of school again.

Do not write yourself off. Take some time to look into over your job history and pull out any key strengths, transferable skills and qualities that would also be applicable in your new field.

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